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The fundamental physical principle of photography is that light falling briefly on the grains of certain insoluble silver salts produces small, invisible changes in the grains. When placed in certain solutions known as developers, the affected grains are converted into a black metallic silver. In color photography, further interactions take place with color-forming agents.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Albert Tam an Chinese author tells about pregnancy photography in Hong Kong Where professional photographers capture beautiful photos of your memorable moments. Go Articles

Photographing Milestones As They Happen

Most of the special moments in our life seem to be in a whirlpool where there are lots of things going on at the same time. The day of your wedding, with all the last minute changes and upsets, smiles, hugs and introductions, everything goes by in the blink of an eye. The same goes for when your child is born. Before birth, you hear a lot of advice from fellow mothers asking you to enjoy and cherish every moment of your pregnancy. But before you know it, it's all over. All of these milestones were magical. You need to photograph these significant milestones so that you can treasure them forever.

Choose an experienced professional

Of course, there may be many friends and family members who might very well know how to use a camera. But if they are not professionals, forget it. We are talking about the milestones in your life, events that probably only happen once in a lifetime. So when choosing photographers, get experienced professionals who can make momentous milestones exceptional and unforgettable. Over the past couple of years, Hong Kong has seen a rise of photography studios which provide state-of- the - art facilities for an extraordinary experience. Most photo studios have experienced and professional photographers who can click with a natural and artistic style.

Wedding and Pre Wedding Photography

The scene of Wedding Photography in hk is pretty good. There are many photo studios which give you the option to do your wedding shoot in locations of your choice. Some even lets you customize your packages based on your requirements. You can choose your own prints and design of the books or you can let them do it. Either way, you have lots of options to choose from. Something that is trending of late is the pre wedding package. In these photo shoots, you will have the opportunity to go to different locations of your choice with your loved one. The packages usually include make-up and hair-do, tuxedos and gowns, bouquets, scenic locations and such.

Maternity Photography

Pregnancy photography in hk is a fast growing and lucrative business with many pregnant mothers wanting to be photographed before giving birth. Most studios in hk offer you the option to choose the location you are comfortable with. Choosing an extensively experienced photographer, or better still, someone who specializes in pregnancy photography could be your best choice. Since most photography studios have started online advertising, you can sit in the comfort of your home and browse through their blogs and portraits to help you decide on the right photographer.


  1. I completely agree that photographing milestones ought to be placed in the hands of seasoned professionals. These are memories and moments that you would want to preserve, and while maybe you have friends and family who are capable of doing this for you, nothing beats the skills and expertise of someone who is trained to do it. having it done professionally saves you from a lot of tears and headaches afterwards.

  2. i really wanted to have a maternity photos i think if we have our second child :) thanks for the share

  3. People who are financially capable to invest in hiring a professional photographer include this in their budget, because these are the most important moment of their lives which should be shot in their most beautiful angle.

  4. Photos help keep memories alive. Capturing milestones in picture form allows one to look back and reminisce.

  5. Yes, key life events should have the pros covering it as some moments happens just once.

  6. Its always good to invest in a photographer.. thats why for special milestones we really hire a professional so we don't have to be stressed about nice family photos

  7. Professional can really make the moment more timeless.

  8. Photography is my other addiction along with blogging lol.

  9. I love photography and I enjoyed capturing every milestone of my daughter so thankful I have the right gadgets so I can capture every detail and action of my little one.


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