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The fundamental physical principle of photography is that light falling briefly on the grains of certain insoluble silver salts produces small, invisible changes in the grains. When placed in certain solutions known as developers, the affected grains are converted into a black metallic silver. In color photography, further interactions take place with color-forming agents.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Digital Photography Tricks - Make The Most Of Your Digital SLR! Paul Summers #MePhotographyYou

Few would argue that more people than ever can take pictures of real quality, as digital photography and the equipment available opens up opportunities for the keen amateur. Modern digital SLR cameras are boasting more and more megapixels and features, which can almost make photography seem too easy. However, there is functionality and easy to grasp techniques that many budding photographers never take advantage of. This article aims to address a few of the digital photography tricks and tools available.

Camera shake is the surest way to ruin a photograph, and can still occur even with your camera secured to a tripod. For example, you still have to press the shutter, and this causes some movement. This will ultimately affect the sharpness of your final image. There are two basic ways to avoid this. The first is to use a remote control shutter release button, or the less expensive cable release alternative - both will do the job well. Otherwise, you can set your camera's self timer option. All that is required is that you set up the shot and settings, then stand back while the camera carries out the shutter press for you.

No matter how near perfect your taken image is, many photographers will carry out at least some post shoot manipulation in the digital darkroom. To give you the opportunity of making the most of this facility, it is always a good idea to shoot your original image in RAW rather than JPEG format. JPEG images contain 256 brightness levels in each of the three colour channels (red, green and blue). However, RAW files contain up to 16,384 levels, which means you can have much more influence when amending your image, for instance making significant changes to highlights or shadows.

One of the digital photography tricks worth using is your SLR's Live View mode. Here you can set up your photo on the LCD monitor, rather than the viewfinder. One advantage to using this is the number of viewpoints you can use, for example, holding the camera above a crowd of people, and still being able to get an idea of what the final image will look like. Many people believe that it is easier to see the final composition by using Live View as opposed to the viewfinder.
Once upon a time, ISO was determined by the film you used. That is to say that you would be forced to stay with, for example, ISO 200 for all 36 shots if that was the film in the camera.

However, with digital photography, you can adjust ISO for every picture you take, if necessary. Generally, an ISO setting of 640 or above can start to show some noise in your image. You need to consider the trade off between upping the ISO to allow shots in dark conditions, and accepting some noise, or missing the image altogether. In most cases, the auto ISO setting would work sufficiently.

These are just a few of the digital photography tricks that you can use, to help unravel the mysteries of your SLR.

Source: Paul Summers

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