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What is photography?

The fundamental physical principle of photography is that light falling briefly on the grains of certain insoluble silver salts produces small, invisible changes in the grains. When placed in certain solutions known as developers, the affected grains are converted into a black metallic silver. In color photography, further interactions take place with color-forming agents.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

There is more to the shots than what a camera sees, it is actually how beautiful the model and scenario is to the photographer, and how beautifully they can capture what they see. Make people think that taking nice portrait shots makes them a professional photographer. What they do not realize is they make some mistakes, which can be avoided.

Here are some in detail:

Trying to be a One Man Show

Beauty shots are not a one man's show, and this is what amateur photographers do not realize. A photographer is not a photographer without a team. Many amateurs do not see the importance of their crew when they start their profession. Without models you have no one to shoot, and in order to get them, you need your friend, the agent to contact them.

How about setting the entire shoot? Not many people are artistic and experts at what they do. What about changing the scenes for different shots? The hair and makeup of the models? Being successful is a team effort and there is definitely no "I" in team.

Using the wrong lens

When someone does a beauty shoot, their entire purpose is to make the model stand out and look absolutely stunning, regardless of the backdrop used. Amateur photographers try to capture the surroundings as well and that too by using the wrong lenses. The idle lens used of a beauty shot is 70mm-100mm. For example, a professional knows that using any focus less than 70mm, will distort the facial length and the features will not be as prominent as needed.

Using Direct & Diffused Lights Incorrectly

Playing with lights is not easy; a professional knows that but not an amateur. Professionals play with direct and diffused lights. The difference between the two is the direct light creates a dark and hard edged shadow effect whereas diffused lights are used to get some light on to the model or subject. Newbies typically are unaware which lights they need to use at which time. This can change the entire look of the picture.

Not keeping the Proper Eye Level

Professional beauty photographers know that if they take a shot below the level of their model's eye level, the neck of the model will look a tad bit shorter. This is why when a model is sitting, a pro is on their knee or crouching down to make sure that the length of the neck is perfect. Amateur photographers make this common mistake often; they will just take the picture from the front without putting much thought into it.

Relying on Photoshop too much

Amateurs think Photoshop is a magical tool; it is, but it does not always help. A professional does not need to waste time on Photoshop since they make sure to take the perfect shots. A professional refers back to the monitor, finds the mistake, if any, and corrects it on the spot without wasting a single moment.

Source: Steve

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